We are makers of SLOW BEER, lively small batch beers, made with wild yeasts, experimental botanicals, and a variety of hops all fermented in used oak barrels. We care deeply about our processes, sustainability & our environment.


At Dry River we make beer that is whole, seasonal, and sustainable. Our beer is fermented in used oak barrels. Respecting to the local environment we use yeast strains that thrive at Los Angeles temperatures.  Solar-thermal water heating and fermentation without glycol are key components of our sustainable brewing practices. Dry River beer is neither filtered nor pasteurized. Our bottles are bottle conditioned - the carbonation is naturally created - a method is a much older process and less predictable than common, artificially forced carbonation. We feel the flavor and health benefits of living beer is well worth the extra care, cost, and necessary attention. Don't be surprised to find a little yeast in the bottom of your bottle; it’s alive. Before enjoying our beers, keep bottles cool and upright. We're excited for you to enjoy the great love, thought, and respect that has gone into every drop of beer that we create.


Celebrating LA’s cultural and culinary diversity, Dry River Brewing incorporates ingredients that reflect the flavors of the City we love. Including local grown fruits, hops, herbs, flowers and spices, using neighborhood wild yeasts, we strive to present our great city’s rich tastes and flavors in our hand-crafted brews.


Through partnerships with local non-profits like CicLAvia, the LA Community Gardening Council, Fruta Y Cultura, the Arts Earth Partnership, and From Lots To Spots, we use our product to raise awareness - and raise money - for projects that make LA a better more sustainable place to live. 


We are busy building out the greenest brewery in LA, incorporating energy and water efficiency in every aspect of the brewing and packaging process, and maximizing use of renewable energy. Using technology like solar-thermal water heaters, we are making beer with California sunshine. Dry River is committed to improving our local environment by the LA River in Boyle Heights. We see a cleaner, greener, more bike/pedestrian friendly LA.