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Barrel Room.

Passing through a huge reclaimed wood door, one enters the place
where all of the magic happens: The Barrel Room. 


Barrel Room A.jpg

The journey

One key attribute which differentiates us from other local breweries is our dedication to fermentation in Oak barrels and Foeders.
The journey of our beer passes through progressively smaller wine barrels over a period of years, enduring various strains of
yeasts and bacteria. This long process produces dry, tart, mature beers, which are later blended to produce our final products.

Each oak cask in our barrel farm contains a unique micro-biological universe, which dramatically shapes the final qualities of the beer.
Every barrel has a unique name, history, and pedigree. Each barrel creates different flavors and character.
Used barrels are sourced from small, bio-dynamic, California wineries as well as from premium US distilleries.


Taking this approach, we open our minds to the infinite possibilities of creating cutting edge beers using non-traditional
ingredients inspired by our local influences. We believe that this give our beers a sense of place and identity reflecting
our city and community.


Each Barrel is Unique

Every barrel employed in our fermentation farm has a unique history and personality. This journey starts as a mighty oak tree
in Hungary, France, Pennsylvania, or the Ozark’s. The tree is then milled and shaped by master craftsmen called coopers
into wine barrels which can last lifetimes.

From there, new barrels travel the world to wineries and distilleries to age various batches of libation. After a few years,
the used barrels come to Dry River to live a new life making delicious sour beer.

After a thorough steam cleaning, barrels are commissioned with the ritual of inoculation and christening. Each barrel is given
a unique name by our Brewmaster and initiated through the inoculation of a unique cocktail of yeast and bacterial which will produce beer
of distinctive quality.

Barrel names reflect the globe/culture trotting experiences of Brewmaster Naga Reshi.



Meet some of our favorite Casks


The Yoruba word for the goddess of the sea, a legend kept alive in the fishing villages of Bahia, Brazil. This mermaid goddess was prevalent in the is the island of Itaparica where Naga loved to kayak and built his first brewery called Karamuru. This barrel came to us from Sanguis Winery in Santa Barbara, and produces excellent, clean sours with a citrus character.


A bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. As compassion is much need in our world today, we named one of our brand new American oak Foedors to remind us to practice compassion, even as we make beer. This American made beauty, is masterfully constructed using oak grown in the Ozark mountains of Missouri. This egg shaped vessel host a complex community of Saccharomyces, Pediococcus, Brettanomyces, and Lactobacillus which work in harmony to create wonderfully complex sour beer which is often
used as a base in our Cuvée blends.