Dave Hodgins


A leader and innovator in the green building field, Dave is Dry River's Chief Ideation Officer - a beer-lover, environmentalist, and craft enthusiast to the core.  Leveraging his knowledge and connections in the sustainability world, Dry River has become Dave's passion project and a dream realized: to build the world's greenest and most innovative brewery.  IPA lover and cat person, Dave works 24/7 to make this pipe dream a reality.  Dave also has an MBA and a Master's in Real Estate Development from USC.

Fun fact: On occasion, Dave is known to whip out the rock axe and serenade the moon...

Vanda Ciceryova


Entrepreneurial, strategic, with a discerning palate, Vanda has an eye for detail and passion for art, craft and design. Other than being involved with Dry River, Vanda is the brain and heart behind Namaste Highland Park, Highland Park's first yoga studio and art gallery mash-up. Marrying the east and west, the earth and sky - she is a yoga instructor, Ayurveda and Reiki trained, but also holds a Master's degree in hotel and restaurant management which will bring years of hospitality revenue management experience to the Dry River table.

Fun fact: Vanda's secret superpower is taste imagination and super cheesy dance moves.

Naga Reshi


Naga's world quest for the wonderful secretes of fermentation & sustainability has brought him California to help forge L.A.'s Greenest Brewery.   He designed, built, and brewed on his own solar powered breweries in Brazil and has helped in the creation of several breweries in the US. His passion for the environment and pioneering new markets lead him to Dry River Brewing to help usher in a new era of Green micro breweries. Always using local ingredients and love, Naga creates delicious, unique brews for the pleasure of his fellow beer lovers.

Fun fact: Naga rode Freestyle BMX for Schwinn and studied sacred geometry with Tibetan monks.

Johnny Byul Lee


Whether it's reminiscing about the early days of Intel or reading about the latest tech trends and startups, Johnny is an all things tech enthusiast. After building his first computer in the 90s, Johnny began selling customized computers to local businesses which lead to contributing to teams at Apple and Microsoft years later. As a board member for various startups and non profits, he seeks to find ways to leverage technology's role in sustainable funding for non profit programs. Johnny is part of an LA bicycle co-op called CRANC and has years of marketing and production experience in the TV/Film industries. 

Fun Fact: In elementary school, Johnny was a child model for Target. Favorite movie: the Big Lebowski