DTLA Brewers United

A few months ago, over a pint, Jon Carpenter from Alchemy & Science (he runs Angel City Brewery) and I were discussing the necessity of Downtown breweries unifying. It happened, and the group currently includes Angel City, Dry River, Boomtown, Indie, Arts District, Mumford, & Iron Triangle.

We are planning some great events like a LA Beer Week 2016: Brewery hop on / hop off tour to explore all DTLA breweries in one afternoon, Thursday, June 23rd: Free Ride

  • The order of the stops: Mumford, Angel City, Arts District, Boomtown, Iron Triangle. 
  • Dry River will be serving at Boomtown
  • Buses run from 6-10pm and will stop outside each brewery about once every half hour.

The DTLA scene is just getting started and I am so excited about whats happening here. We are manifesting a LA Beer revolution, Dry River is honored and grateful to be a part of it!