Construction update Yes, my fellow Angelenos and Craft Beer lovers, we are getting close! Our construction is coming to completion for Phase 1 and the brewery is looking awesome! We have completed our super expensive, posh, ADA bathroom, refinished our antique concrete floors, sandblasted and refin-ished our 100+ year old wood ceiling, dry-walled and painted the walls, moved in our Napa valley barrel farm, installed new LED and solar lighting, and are completing our high efficiency, electric brewing system. In addition, I have been adding rustic, carpentry touches to the brewery using reclaimed wood from the early 1900’s.

The following weeks will see final inspection approvals, walk-in cooler installation, brew system and batch testing, sound system installation, facility refinements, and an ultra deep cleaning from the intense construction process we have undergone. I am very pleased with the results of our hard work, persistence, and visionary planning. We have achieved building a brewery with old world charm and new world technologies, which place our planet’s health in the forefront of phi-losophies and practices.

Cool! But, when? Everyone, including myself, inquires as to when we will be releasing our first beers. This inquiry can be answered with the following equation:

Your First Dry River Beer = Final Approvals + System Dialing + Brewing + Maturation

If the above variables are agreeable, we should be enjoying delectable liquids before 2016. If they prove very agreeable, it will be sooner.

Tasting Room? Not right now… In order to complete our primary mission of brewing world class beer in East LA, we had to make a concession not to have a tasting room at our Brewery (right now). The unfortunate, violent past of our community has understandably lead leaders to be extremely cautious and prudent when issuing alcohol on premise licenses here in Boyle Heights.

With great compassion and understanding, we are working with the community of Boyle Heights to establish ourselves as responsible and pro-active members of the community. We sincerely believe that our community and planet focused mission will be rewarded in the near future with the ability to open a local tasting room in our little, green, brewery.

Farmer’s Markets With new laws allowing breweries to give samples and sell beer at farmers markets in california, shopping for local produce will be so much better. Dry River will be a presence in LA farmers‘ markets to bring you the fresh beer you deserve. Read more here: Retail In terms of retail, we will have limited quantities in a small handful of retail outlets around DTLA. We will also be closely working with the finest local establishments to carry our beers on tap. Also you will definitely not want to miss out on our bottle club. More details coming soon!

Special Events Yes! We will be throwing epic bashes on the LA River and around town very soon. Stay Tuned!

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