Sourcing (Super) Local Hops and Planting for the Future!

Dry River Brewing is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Mott Street Urban Farm, to grow hops in our “back yard” here in Boyle Heights. Farm coordinator Richard Tom grows hops, vegetables, fruits and herbs in a pilot urban gardening project, which supplies the community and assists non-profit organizations like the Downtown Women’s Center.

This year, we are planting several more Hop plant varieties like Fuggle, Santium, Newport, and Mt. Hood. We will be using these Hops in our 2015 Barley Wine and Wet Hop IPA beers. The Hops will be planted in an organic soil mix, including composted spent barley from our brewing process.

The Mott St. Urban Farm, which is part of the Los Angeles Community Garden Council (LACGC), is less than a mile from our Boyle Heights brewery so our Hops will be sticky fresh and have a low carbon footprint. We eliminate high transportation cost and the energy intensive drying process. As part of our commitment to our community, a portion of the proceeds from the special beers made with hops will go directly back to the farm.

We are very excited to launch this local Hop program – it will be one more element in creating a truly local beer. We will be using Boyle Heights grown Hops, local water (treated of course), and wild cultivated Boyle Heights yeast to craft beers our neighborhood will be proud of. All that we are missing now is Boyle Heights barley. Perhaps we can grow it on the roof of the brewery…

Humulus Lupulus: The Beloved Hop A vital ingredient in brewing since the 11th century, hops add bittering, flavor, aroma, and anti-microbial protection to beer. In recent years, American brewers have used copious amounts of hops in beers to the delight of global consumers. Hops are grown in only a select few regions of the world and are expensive to produce and transport. The recent craft beer explosion has created a severe global hop shortage and prices are often passed to the consumer. Thanks to our new collaboration, we are taking smalls steps to change that.

By Naga Reshi, Brewmaster

Check out these links to learn more: Mott St Urban Farm , LA Community Garden Council , Downtown Women’s Center

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