Dry River Brewing Commences Operations!

With ecstatic joy, we announce that our humble, beautiful brewery is now fully certified and operational. Trading construction chaos for the sweet smell of boiling wort and fermenting beer is indeed a great blessing. My mind now shifts from passing plumbing inspections to creating bubbling, liquid lunacy for my fellow Angelenas & Angelenos.

Brewing Update

In early September, I brewed several radical small batches, pushing the limits of my self-built & engineered brewing system. The system also doubles as a keg washer, and triples as a bottle & keg filler. Yes, she is a beast. I used my first test batches as yeast starters, to get my various strains ready for the more monumental tasks ahead.

As a yeast-centric brewery, we will feature beers with very unique flavor profiles. I have been collecting and culturing special yeasts from Brazil to Alaska, including a very nice sour strain I discovered here in Boyle Heights, LA. We also are welcoming some traveling yeast strains which live in the various wine barrels we use for fermenting and maturation. 

We will be brewing a wide variation of styles using traditional & experimental techniques and ingredients. With great respect to the old, we venture forward into the endless expanse of flavor possibilities and creativity. In this golden age of craft brewing, we are honored to contribute our small-batch, interpretations of quality, contemporary beer. 

Dry River Brewing's Inaugural Beers

To kick things off, we're introducing 3 new beers to Los Angeles. They will be available very soon and you can find the details in the next section. There will be more to come, but in the meantime we are very excited to finally share some delicious Dry River Brewing beers with you. 

Lady Roja: A red, sexy, botanical, mild sour.

Copper Witch: Brazen copper, elegantly hopped, Farmhouse Ale. - Some will be barrel aged, some bottled fresh.

Xibalba: Mysterious. Belgian strong Ale. Chocolate covered, dark fruit compote. Fermented in Red Wine Oak barrels. Will be bottle conditioned in 750ml bottles to celebrate Day of the Dead.

Where and When can I get the beer?! 

We're glad you asked! The best way to experience our new beers is by joining the Collector's Club, Dry River Brewing's inaugural bottle club! The Collector's Club will give priority access and home delivery of our finest beers along with some rare stuff we'll be cooking up. In addition, you will  be able to pre-order bottles from our online shop. We plan on posting up at some of the local certified farmers markets around LA. We will be sure to post that info to our online community and on our events page. We will be releasing limited quantities of bottles to a select few craft retailers locally. Also be on the look out for some pop up kegs in fine craft establishments. If you're not already, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all the latest news! Thank you for all the patience and support! 

Dry River Brewing Fun Fact

All of our kegs are cask conditioned and our bottles are bottle conditioned. This means carbonation is created naturally and the beer is neither filtered nor pasteurized. This method is much older and less predictable than common, artificially forced carbonated processes. We feel the flavor & health benefits of living beer is necessary and worth the extra time, cost, and attention required. We make #slowbeer. Don't be surprised to find a little yeast in the bottom of your bottle; it’s alive! Be sure to keep bottles cool and upright. Most of all, we hope you enjoy the great love, thought, and respect that has gone into every drop of beer that we create.

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