Introducing Flying Hair, The Dry River Brewing House Band

Our band Flying Hair practices a few times a week in the Dry River building. We occupy one of the rooms that will eventually be a walk-in cooler. Early on as the Dry River team took control of the lease and had mounds of legal hurdles to manage before the first batch of beer could be brewed, our band approached Vanda and ask if they could carve out a portion of the cavernous warehouse to make a home for jamming and rehearsing. We call our practice space the "Haunted Hangout”, in memory of the space before the construction, it was dark, spooky and felt semi abandoned. Since we first moved in, the space has transformed radically, thanks mostly to the visionary carpentry and mechanical wizardry of Naga Reshi, head Dry River Brewer.

We, Flying Hair, jam loud and weird, our practice space is dimly lit with lights mimicking the cosmos on the ceiling. Our first album was titled "Haunted Hangout II" after our beloved home and as a nod to our creepidelic sounds, steeped in equal parts, Sabbath, Hawkwind and horror movie soundtrack. On a typical night's rehearsal we crack some delicious beers and get into our weird zones...dreaming on the day when Dry River runs on tap into the Haunted Hangout itself.

We'll be rockin' a fun set at the All Hallows' Eve Beer Release Party on Halloween at Osso DTLA. Tickets are $5! Details here.

-Matthew Clark, Flying Hair

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Tiny Little Man

Thanks to Kev we got this jam on tape! Thanks dude!

Posted by Flying Hair on Friday, October 16, 2015
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