Major progress!

As you may or may not know, opening a brewery is a complex puzzle of politics, finance, engineering, hard work, and patience (all of which are intensified in LA).  We have come a long way since we started this project, and I am happy to report things are moving forward.

I have officially moved to LA and have given up all my other projects and consulting to focus on this amazing project.  After nine months in Alaska, it is great to feel the warmth of the sun and eat amazing tacos for every meal.

We have started construction on our location in Boyle Heights a block from the LA River and have applied for our Brewing License.  We have assembled a crack team of top engineers, architects, designers, and lawyers (of course) to help us build LA's greenest brewery.  We are introducing new energy saving technologies and equipment not yet seen in the brewing industry. We are proud to be pioneering green tech in craft brewing and will help other breweries achieve a smaller carbon footprint (as soon as we figure it out!)

In addition, we have been developing some exciting new beers which you will all try soon enough!  We have been getting great support and feedback from the city of LA and look forward to a 2015 opening.

I happy to hear of several other craft breweries opening in LA, as we have a long way to go to catch up with San Diego in terms of local beer variety and craft community.  I look forward to meeting my fellow Cali brewers and beer lovers alike. We have exciting times ahead indeed! Cheers!

~Naga Reshi

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